In multi-faceted buildings, which utilise water in differing applications such as those in the hospitality sector, the quality of the mains supply water is often taken for granted.

With 1225 projects equating to 214, 743 rooms being brought to the European hotel market alone in 2018* , not including all the bars, restaurants and eating establishments that will be launched, there is clearly an opportunity to ensure the very best quality water is supplied exceeding that which is determined fit for human consumption in the UK

The effect that water can have on equipment and components is very often overlooked and failure to appreciate this during system specification and ongoing servicing programmes can have far-reaching consequences in terms of maintenance, plant failure, servicing and performance. Yet, it can easily be improved or indeed eradicated.

“Whilst our UK water is perfectly fine for human consumption it can have a negative impact on any equipment which utilises water in any given process right from the coffee machines behind the bar to the water for guest showers, and in the swimming pool and spa facilities,” commented Martin Raistrick Water Quality Manager Watts Industries UK. “It is this element of the water quality process that we are keen to educate specifiers, facilities managers and installers on to prevent costly maintenance programmes and repairs when inadequate quality water causes system and mechanical issues.”

Pleasingly, measures can be taken to eradicate such issues including one of the most common issues – scale.  Appropriate technologies and media can eradicate the minerals and materials which cause scale, a problem which is especially exaggerated when water is heated, speeding up the scale creation process, and thereby affecting many areas of the hospitality sector.

“We want to support those that use water – particularly in the burgeoning hospitality sector-   as part of their service to mitigate risk and move away from the throwaway culture that we seem to have become part of,” said Martin. “Initial capex and installation costs of products to improve the water quality can be an investment that delivers tangible and financial benefits during the future. We ask, as systems specifiers and installers, can you afford not to?”

In order to determine the type of water in each area, utility companies across the UK can provide a detailed water report. This is also something that many private companies offer as a service. This will help to determine the impact that water will have on processes and equipment and has the potential to be a cost-saving exercise in the long-term operations of the business.

Investment in such capital costs, rather than on maintenance programmes and repairs created by poor water quality, is fast becoming a more popular option in hospitality, catering and leisure where it has been identified that scale is most prevalent due to the ways in which water is utilised.

One such product that supports the shift in attitude is the OneFlow scale control system from Watts Industries which can be used at Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-Use (POU) depending on the situation and way in which water is used in any given process.

One Flow is unique in that it operates through Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology which is used to transform dissolved hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystal particles. This is at the very core of the OneFlow range of solutions and has been proven to increase operating efficiencies of key and critical components in mechanical processes. With no salt required, no backwash experienced, no scale remaining, a small footprint and no electricity requirement its simple, yet highly effective technology, delivers superb results.

“This proven technology is driven by standards and our desire to provide professional solutions for the water industry and the multiple disciplines in the hospitality sector where water is essential to guest and customer experience,” said Martin.

In addition to the One-Flow technology which is suited to most applications, Watts Water Industries offer a range of media and technologies to deliver the water quality required in a variety of ways supporting other industries that utilise water in their daily business.

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