DYN is the new hydraulic balancing valve designed by Watts Water Technologies. It adjusts each circuit of the cooling and heating plant and is the ideal product for hydraulic system balancing as constant flow is ensured, regardless of plant conditions or differential pressure.

Using DYN valves, the hydraulic system works efficiently with a decrease of energy consumptions and a saving from 5 to 10%.

Pressure-independent control valves (PICV): automatic adjustments independent from flow

Made in brass DZR and with compact dimensions, DYN valves has been studied to maintain constant the flow of an heating system balanced hydraulically even if there are present flow fluctuations in the circuit.
The valve is equipped with a regulation cartridge for ΔP up to 400kPa and has a threaded M30x1,5 connection, compliant with WATTS linear actuator ON/OFF 22C, 22CX, 22CX5, 26LC and proportional EMUJC series.
The flow regulating group has the authority on all its full linear stroke. By using a modulating actuator, this allows to maintain proportionality between the control signal and the actual output flow.

Easy to set up

According to dynamic balancing, presetting allows to define the maximum flow that will be kept constant, while the valve is used in fully opened condition in its working differential pressure range. Presetting determines also the minimum working differential pressure of the valve.
It’s possible to preset the valve by operating directly on the graduated scale, without the need for any additional tool:
a) push down the graduated scale;
b) rotate the scale until the desired value aligns with the mark on the bonnet;
c) release the graduated scale, this will automatically lock in the preset position.

DYN valve is a device that assures safety of the plant and avoids pressure hydraulic drops during its working.