The renewable heating system market continues to prosper and with installations expected to grow further in the next decade –  to achieve the 2020 target of 12% of UK heating being generated from renewable sources –  products to support these installations will be in high demand.

To support such external pipe installations, where heat is transferred from the source to individual homes or building, pre-insulated pipe is a key component in the success of the installation and the performance it delivers.

Microflex, a product by Watts Industries UK, is designed to maintain the temperature of fluid within systems and supports renewable heat systems such as ground source and air source heat pumps.

“Microflex is the ideal pipework solution for renewable energy installations which are becoming more popular as homeowners seek more sustainable ways of sourcing heating and hot water for their homes,” said Dave Raynor Product Manager Watts UK. “It has long been a favourite in the HVAC industry as it ensures fluid carried within the pipe stays at the required temperature meeting performance expectations.”

And, as the way we specify our domestic and commercial heating systems continues to evolve and shift further towards renewable methods, the importance of building efficient thermal networks has never been more apparent. Using pre-insulated pipe ensures quality thermal networks are designed and installed with heat being efficiently transferred maximising efficiencies and performance.

“We recognise that it is essential to support the evolution of the plumbing and heating industry and we do this by giving specifiers and installers opportunities to choose flexible solutions for essential parts of systems,” said Dave. “Microflex gives a high-quality solution, and due to its pe-x foam insulation, its performance doesn’t degrade over time.  Coupled with its installation process, which requires no specialist tools, installers are able to complete entire systems without the need for specialist subcontractors.”

Watts UK not only maintains a vast stock but also has a specialised cutting centre meaning lengths of any size can be ordered ultimately necessitating fewer connections and speeding up installation time. For smaller installations and added simplicity, palletised packs of up to 25m can be delivered, fully palletised and containing all necessary connections and termination components.