A system to suit your specific filtration requirements, including the removal of sediments, discolouration, chlorine and odour.


The Watts Big Bubba® Filtration System suits your specific requirements, including the removal of sediments, discolouration, chlorine and odour.

What is the Big Bubba® Filter System?

The Watts Big Bubba® Filter Housing is a high capacity polypropylene filter housing designed to suit for high flow rates, the filter housing is a non-metallic made from rugged, glass-reinforced polypropylene, which will not chip, rust of dent.

Big Bubba® Cartridge Filters are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

• Whole house filtration
• Commercial filtration
• Industrial filtration
• Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis equipment
• Community water systems
• Sea water applications due to their non-corrosive construction
• Replacement for bag filters more filter area
• Replacement for multiple cartridge filters for greater convenience
• Water for livestock and poultry


  • Rugged Construction: Filter housings are made of rugged, glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust or dent, and because all wetted surfaces are non-metallic, they are ideal when chemical compatibility is an issue and for sea water applications.
  • Low Cost: Filters are an economical replacement for stainless steel filtration equipment because of their non-metallic construction and today’s high cost of stainless steel!
  • E-Z Change-Out: Cartridge replacement is easy as 1-2-3: 1. Remove swing bolts, 2. Remove lid, 3. Rotate cartridge ¼ turn and pull-up.
  • Proprietary Cartridges: The replacement cartridge for the Watts whole house filter is totally proprietary, so you may enjoy the replacement cartridge business over the life of the equipment.
  • Conserves Water: Watts whole house filters with our proprietary pleated activated carbon cartridge conserves water because backwashing is not required, making them 100% efficient.
  • Low Pressure Drop: Big Bubba® Cartridge Filters housings are designed to minimize pressure drop, by using 2" pipe fittings and large diameter centre tubes.