Microflex pre-insulated pipes are part of the Watts group of companies and provide sustainable water solutions for underground heating systems.

Watts Water Technologies acquired Microflex's range of flexible water pipes to our group of products and brands in 2005. With no existing pre-insulated pipe system in our line of products, it was a logical move to expand our expertise and products to cover an even wider range.

Our Microflex pre-insulated pipes are used in hot and cold potable water, cooling water, wastewater and other fluid systems. Our underground heating pipes contribute towards a sustainable future by working with renewable energy applications, saving energy in their everyday usage and keeping energy consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum during installation, use and servicing. Microflex's pre-insulated pipe helps to keep water at the same temperature as it travels from the heating source to the building and saves energy in the process.

Microflex pre-insulated pipes are durable, contain no pollutants and are non-toxic so contribute to Watts' sustainable water policy. During the production process, we are highly conscious of energy consumption and there is no pollution of air, water or soil.

The Microflex concept fits perfectly with Watts Water Technologies as renewable energy is one of our primary concerns. Our flexible water pipe systems provide safe, reliable and energy efficient distribution of water in heating cooling and hot or cold water supply systems. The flexible, low weight construction means it can be installed quickly and over obstacles. In addition, insulated pipes have a much longer service lifespan than other types of underground heating pipes as the carrier pipes within are protected from outdoor weather conditions so are kept dry with minimal danger of corrosion. This leads to a reduction in repair and production costs.

Watts Water Technologies EMEA (the European holding company for Watts Water Technologies Inc) acquired Microflex NV in 2005 in order to broaden their range of products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The acquisition of Watts Microflex by the group was a logical move since Watts Water Technologies did not yet have a pre-insulated pipe system in its line of products.

The acquisition also ensures that the service and quality Microflex previously offered in a professional and structural framework can be maintained in the future. Microflex’s pre insulated pipe range contributes to our company ethos and sustainable water solutions whilst preserving the environment.

All of our Microflex pre-insulated pipe is ISO certified and manufactured using only the best materials. We are your expert partner in highly flexible energy saving piping systems.