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Water Quality and System Maintenance Essential in Hospitality Sector

In multi-faceted buildings, which utilise water in differing applications such as those in the hospitality sector, the quality of the mains supply water is often taken for granted. With 1225 projects equating to 214, 743 rooms being brought to the European hotel market alone in 2018* , not including all the bars, restaurants and eating establishments that will be launched, there is clearly an opportunity to ensure the very best quality water is supplied exceeding that which is determined fit for human consumption in the UK The effect that water can have on equipment and components is very often overlooked
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Back Flow Prevention Requirements Explained

Dave Raynor, Product Manager, Watts Water Industries offers an insight into how to achieve the ultimate in system protection in the crossover from domestic water supplies and systems to small commercial installations. Efficient and effective systems are the installers overall aim to fulfil customer expectations and an essential part of this is the need to deliver water protection – the process of bringing water into the home and premises through systems without backflow and cross-contamination. This is generally achieved through the installation of check valves, a commonplace part of domestic installations, which allows flow in one direction and prevents contamination
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