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Watts Industries Expands UK Operations to Meet Demand

A global business which manufactures and supplies some of the most iconic products associated with the domestic and commercial water and heating technology industries, is expanding its UK operations as it enjoys a period of growth and success.   Watts Water Technologies, famous for encompassing brands such as Valpes, bar, Socla and Microflex has expanded its team to achieve greater market penetration and raise awareness of the availability of these products in the UK.   “Some of the most iconic and revered product lines in these sectors form part of the Watts group of brands and we hope to continue
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Renewable Heating Industry Supported by Pre-Insulated Pipe

The renewable heating system market continues to prosper and with installations expected to grow further in the next decade –  to achieve the 2020 target of 12% of UK heating being generated from renewable sources –  products to support these installations will be in high demand. To support such external pipe installations, where heat is transferred from the source to individual homes or building, pre-insulated pipe is a key component in the success of the installation and the performance it delivers. Microflex, a product by Watts Industries UK, is designed to maintain the temperature of fluid within systems and supports
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