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Launch of Powerseat® Eco Gas Safety Shut Off Valve

An Electro-Hydraulic Gas Safety Shut-off Valve used in commercial and domestic applications across the globe has undergone a series of subtle changes to enhance its environmental credentials and enjoy new and improved features. Manufactured in the UK by renowned product name Black Teknigas, the Powerseat® Eco will benefit from a LED display detailing the status of the valve, increased external environmental protection to IP56 equivalent, a manual re-set switch in all versions and screwless, quick connections for installation of electrics all of which will assist installers and those that manage the system on a daily basis. “Our Powerseat® Valve is
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The DYN valve: hydraulic balancing of systems

DYN is the new hydraulic balancing valve designed by Watts Water Technologies. It adjusts each circuit of the cooling and heating plant and is the ideal product for hydraulic system balancing as constant flow is ensured, regardless of plant conditions or differential pressure. Using DYN valves, the hydraulic system works efficiently with a decrease of energy consumptions and a saving from 5 to 10%. Pressure-independent control valves (PICV): automatic adjustments independent from flow Made in brass DZR and with compact dimensions, DYN valves has been studied to maintain constant the flow of an heating system balanced hydraulically even if there
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Presenting WATTS New Range of Backflow Preventers

WATER is the most precious of our natural resources, source of life and health, today we use water for multiple needs.Whatever its destination – domestic, urban, agricultural or industrial, the water we use every day is distributed by interlinking networks of pipelines which are becoming more and more complex. In this network, the risk of pollution by ”backflow” is always present. By siphoning or overpressure, backflow may occur when the usual direction in the distribution circuit is reversed. This return may draw water which could be polluted into the general water system thereby contaminating the drinking water. The backflow preventer
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